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We provide top-tier integrations and solutions, enhancing enterprise security to empower thousands of teams for swift and secure collaboration on Jira and Confluence.

Here, you can find detailed documentation for all our apps for Atlassian Jira and Confluence.


Team Files Documentation

Optimize Your Jira & Confluence Attachment Management. Securely connect multiple cloud storages to manage and automate file attachments directly within Jira and Confluence. Empower your team with enhanced productivity and data security, saving up to 30% of precious time every week

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SharePoint Connector Documentation

Securely connect Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive to Jira and Confluence. Easily insert documents or folder lists from Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams into Jira Projects or Confluence pages. Edit Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with one click. Files are never stored in Jira or Confluence.

Google Drive Connector Documentation

Securely connect Google Drive to Jira and Confluence. Attach Google Sheets, Documents, PDFs, folders and more from Drive to Projects and Spaces. Replicate your Google Drive permissions with one click. One single source of truth. Files are never stored in Jira or Confluence.

Office Editor Documentation

One-click edit for Excel Spreadsheets, Word & PowerPoint attachments in Jira and Confluence. Streamlined collaboration and advanced preview. No more downloading & uploading to edit an attached document in Jira or Confluence. Experience real-time collaboration.

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SharePoint Lists Documentation

Quickly share, embed, and publish SharePoint Online lists in Confluence pages, always in sync with live data. Lists are great for sharing large amounts of data with your team, and with SharePoint Lists, you have everything in one place and always updated. Customize the layout and the content.

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Securely Link & Integrate GitHub repositories with Jira projects: Streamline Your Team's Workflow for Enhanced Collaboration. Easily track pull requests, commits, releases, and more in Jira to stay up-to-date on your team's development work. No more context-switching.

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Team Versions Documentation

Sync releases across projects efficiently with Team Versions. Gone are the days of manual, time-consuming processes. Team Versions is built using Atlassian's secure Forge technology, designed to be fast, reliable and scalable. All data is stored securely within Atlassian’s cloud.

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